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What Customers Are Saying About Their Experience With Doula Mama Chrissy

Solomon was born May 7th 2021 with Chrissy by my side. Chrissy was incredible. She followed my cues and listened to me and my body. There were some points when I just gave her a glance and she knew what to say and do to help me. Her emotional intelligence is spot on, her care for  me was amazing.  Chrissy was not only there for me during my son's quick  birth but she was there for me during my entire pregnancy, a text or a phone call away to offer any type of support I needed. Chrissy is a treasure and I am so happy our community has her! If I have any more children I would need Chrissy on my birth team!

Just: WOW. Chrissy = a-maz-ing. Any baby would be so very lucky to have Chrissy take care of them. Chrissy helped out my family as an Overnight Postpartum Doula, taking care of my second son, during a time of great need when we were undergoing major healthcare difficulties in the family. Chrissy was thrown into an extremely difficult social environment while working in my household and handled it like a true professional. There were multiple medical visits, surprises from in-house in-laws, and other speed bumps along the way - Chrissy handled all of it with incredible aplomb. But Chrissy is not just a true professional. After working with multiple night nurses, we found that what makes Chrissy most unique is that she truly cares about the families she helps. From the first moment Chrissy lifted up my baby, a profound sense of calm came over me, and I knew he was in great hands. Chrissy became more than a Night Doula for us; she became a part of our family.

Chrissy is amazing! I am so glad my husband and I hired her as she was key to having the birth experience I wanted. I was able to have an unmedicated birth as she helped labor to keep progressing and coached me through many positions, helped with pain relief and cold compress, and also supported my husband during the process. She noticed things and brought up concerns before the nurses did so it was nice to have another person looking out for me. We learned so much from her in our pre and post birth meetings. She has such a gentle calming spirit even the hospital staffed liked working with her. I already look forward to working with her for the next birth!

I had the pleasure and good fortune to have Chrissy with me during my home birth as a midwife assistant and assist as a postpartum doula for four weeks. Chrissy did overnight visits from 10:00 PM to 5:00 or 6:00 AM. This time of night has been the hardest for me with all three of my kids. Not having friends or family to help me, Chrissy made everything better. She is knowledgeable, kind, and non-judgmental. I was having some trouble with breastfeeding and she was helpful in ways I really needed—reassuring me that supplementation was OK and suggestions for pumping. I felt her services were worth every penny!

Doula Mama Chrissy is such a gift from the universe! I was lucky enough to cross paths with her and knew I immediately wanted to be under her guidance. I have been a firm believer in yoni steaming for years, and Chrissy solidified that belief! From the very first intake consultation we had together, I felt so comfortable in her care. Chrissy has been a safe place for me in a world where there isn’t a lot of information about holistic yoni care at our fingertips. She is knowledgeable and attentive. She created a custom herbal steam blend for me and even packaged up some of the herbs herself. She went above and beyond to help me create a regimen that would work for me. I truly value her and highly recommend working with her!

I don't think I could've gotten through my birthing experience without Doula Mama Chrissy by my side. She gave me tips to help my 1st pregnancy go smoothly along the most thoughtful basket filled with all the aftercare things I'd need after a vaginal birth. My baby was late so I chose to get induced. Chrissy made sure my hospital room was set just the way I wanted with candles, crystals and soothing music. After 24 hours of labor, my child was still not ready to come out as I was only  2cm dilated. I felt defeated; I wanted to give up and just get a c-section but Chrissy was speaking life into me and working with the nurses to ensure I get the vaginal delivery I planned for. We walked, bounced on a birthing ball and she gave me massages to help induce my labor naturally. After 48 hours, my baby arrived and Chrissy helped me to immediately start nursing to get my milk flowing. After I went home, if I had any questions, she was always a phone call away to assist. Thank you Doula Mama Chrissy for helping me deliver my precious baby girl! An experience I could never repay you for! 

Hiring Chrissy as our doula was a huge relief to myself and my husband in many ways. She started out helping us during the 2 prenatal appointments at our home. There she helped to  prepare us mentally & physically.  I had been having back pains so she showed my husband some pressure points & stretches for me to do which helped tremendously.  She also gave us tips on new diaper changing techniques & swaddling. When I went into labor it was such a relief for my husband to have Chrissy at our home. She helped calm us both, told me positions to get into to help with contractions, hit pressure points on me & used essential oils to relax me. Chrissy coordinated with the midwives at the birth center & helped us decide when it was time to go to the birth center. I know that took a lot of pressure off my husband. When we got to the birth center she continued to ease pains of labor by putting hot & cold wash clothes on me & being there for extra support. About a week after the birth, she did a home visit & helped us with additional tips and advice. I am so pleased with Chrissy's doula services & would highly recommend her services to others. She is caring & considerate of any special request we had. She is so easy to talk to & is very knowledgeable on her trade. My family is blessed to have met her.

Chrissy was an indispensable member of our birth and postpartum team. When our little girl still hadn’t made her debut at 12 days past her guess date, Chrissy suggested perineal steaming. Using her knowledge of herbs and skills as a Peri-steam Hydrotherapist, she safely set up the steaming process for me. Just over 24 hours later, I was holding my baby.
As a postpartum doula, she helped in so many ways. She held the baby. She did the dishes. She played games with our 5 year old son. She provided this fried mama much needed adult conversation about the Marvel cinematic universe, pop TV shows, and music. She was so helpful and supportive, and her cooking is fantastic!

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