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Services Offered

Birth Work

Labor Support: 

The labor support package includes:

  • Two 2-3hr Prenatal Visit: During these appointments, we'll take time to get know each other. We'll talk about what to expect during labor and how you envision your birth to create a birth plan. We'll discuss different variables and what options and choices you have in those situations. We'll explore and practice various comfort measures, create a postpartum plan and go over any other questions you may have. In addition to our scheduled meetings, I am available to you throughout your pregnancy to answer questions or to assist with additional resources.

  • 5-week Labor Prep: A custom steam plan to promote moisture and lubrication, circulation, and relaxation. Studies show that vaginal steaming just a few weeks prior to delivery may reduce the likeliness of tearing, decrease the need for medical intervention, and may ease body aches and pains as the steam relaxes the muscles.

  • Continuous Labor Support: During labor, birth, and immediate postpartum I will be in contact with you or by your side. I go on call when you reach 38 weeks in your pregnancy until your little one's arrival. When labor begins, you or your partner and I will stay in communication by phone and text. I will join you at our chosen meeting place when you are ready for additional support. I will stay with you during active labor and throughout your birth. After your baby is born, I will stay with you all for about 1-2 hours or when you and your partner are feeling settled and ready to have family time.

  • One Postpartum Visit: About one week after the birth of your baby, I will come to visit you and your new family! We'll take this time to talk about the birth, and any/all emotions that come with it. We can talk about your recovery, newborn care, and I can provide breastfeeding support. I will also help connect you to resources or give your referrals to support your healthy postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Support: 

 Investment: Please schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your personalized care.

As a mother myself, I understand that the postpartum period is a time where all hands should be on deck. That popular quote "it takes a village" has never rang truer. As your postpartum doula, my hope, is to be a helping a hand within your village that will provide care and ease to your family's transition during this sacred time. Support will look different from household to household, but the following are services that I provide depending on your needs:

  • Emotional support as we navigate what postpartum looks like for you and your family 

  • Lactation and (or) bottle-feeding support

  • Babywearing 

  • Rest and hands-free time for parents

  • Baby care support 

  • Sibling transitional support

  • Light house cleaning

  • Organization of diaper and feeding areas

  • Snack preparation

  • Womb Rehab

  • Baby laundry and dishes

  • Overnight Care

  • Car Seat Installation and Safety Check

  • Evidenced-Based information about recovery and your little one

  • Community resources and referrals for the family

This service includes one (1) prenatal visit during your 3rd trimester. We will utilize this time to discuss your postpartum needs and plan for your care.​ 



Custom Steam Consultation - $120.00 *via Zoom or*on Location 
Follow Up/Maintenance Consultation - $95.00 *via Zoom or*on Location
Custom Herbal Blend - $35.00 *10 sessions/ $55.00 *30 sessions

I support the woman by facilitating a safe space and providing tailored herbal blends for her to indulge in an ancient self-care practice. All consults include a Menstrual Cycle Analysis.

Click Here for more details.

Car-Seat Safety

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 9.20.59 AM.png

🚗 Safety Check and Installation

Are you confident your little one's car seat is installed correctly? Don't take chances when it comes to your child's safety. Introducing our expert Car Seat Safety Checks service!
Led by me, a certified Car Seat Passenger Safety Technician, this comprehensive service includes a personalized home visit, meticulous car seat inspection, and hands-on installation demonstration for each vehicle in which the car seat will be used.
I go beyond just fitting your car seat - my goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to confidently install it in any situation. Walk away feeling competent and assured, knowing you've taken every step to protect your precious cargo.

With this service, you'll receive:

  • Home Visit Convenience: I come to you, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience

    Thorough Inspection: I meticulously inspect every aspect of your car seat for optimal safety.

  •  Hands-On Demonstration: Learn the correct installation techniques tailored to your vehicle.

  • Confidence Boost: Feel reassured and empowered to tackle any car seat installation scenario with confidence.

  • Additional Resources: Gain access to valuable information and referrals for ongoing support.

  • Don't compromise on your child's safety. Book your Car Seat Safety Check today and drive with peace of mind!

Price: $50.00 per car-seat

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