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Providing Labor Support, Postpartum Support, & Peri-Steam Services to New Mothers in Santa Barbara, California & Surrounding Areas.


Labor Support

I support the mother and family prenatally as they prepare for birth and during labor, I empower the mother as she brings baby Earthside  

I support the family as they transition into new dynamics, providing assistance with newborn care and mother’s recovery


Postpartum Support

Peri-steaming is a traditional self-care practice where someone gently exposes the entire pelvic region to rising steam by sitting or kneeling over a warm pot of boiled water and steeped herbs.



What Clients Are Saying

Chrissy was an indispensable member of our birth and postpartum team. When our little girl still hadn’t made her debut at 12 days past her guess date, Chrissy suggested perineal steaming. Using her knowledge of herbs and skills as a Peri-steam Hydrotherapist, she safely set up the steaming process for me. Just over 24 hours later, I was holding my baby.

As a postpartum doula, she helped in so many ways. She held the baby. She did the dishes. She played games with our 5 year old son. She provided this fried mama much needed adult conversation about the Marvel cinematic universe, pop TV shows, and music. She was so helpful and supportive, and her cooking is fantastic!

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Meet "Doula Mama" Chrissy

My name is Christiannah “Chrissy” Ehrman, and I provide tailored labor and postpartum services to families in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria. My services are based in honoring and practicing long-established traditions of caring for the mother throughout her birth and postpartum journey. I am a wife, mother, and fun fact: I’m also a licensed Esthetician! Giving birth to my daughter inspired me to become a maternal support practitioner as a way to support women through their own birthing experience. I am passionate and dedicated to all things encompassing womb health and birth rights. My goal is to care for and nurture each family that I work with while they embark on the journey of bringing their baby Earthside and transitioning to a new life with their little one!

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